Opening Hours

Library Service Online/Self-Service Libraries:Mon.-Sun./0:00-24:00
South Space/Lecture & Reading Hall (1st Floor):Mon.-Sun./7:00-23:00
1st Floor - 4th Floor: Tues.-Sun./9:00-21:00
5th Floor-6th Floor: Tues.-Sun./9:00-17:00
Children’s Service area:Tues.-Fri./12:00-18:00;/weekends./10:00-18:00
Closed on Mon.
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Floor Layout
      Chinese newspapers reading service area / Chinese Periodicals Reading Service Area / Periodicals Lending Service Area / the Reading Room for the Blind / children’s Service Area / South Space / Exhibition Area(First Floor) / Lecture & Reading Hall
      Books lending & reading service area/ Special subjects collection service area/ Information desk/ Self-application for library card/ Center of Shenzhen Donation & Exchange Books/ Exhibition Area(2nd Floor)
      Chinese books lending & reading service area
      Network information space/ Digital resources study space/ Audio-visua1 materials lending & reading service/ i-lib/ Wireless network service area/ Maker Space
      Art design collecton/ The world's cultural collecton/ Law collection / Reference books collection/ Lecture Hall
      Preservation books service area/ Shenzhen Local literature collection/ Shenzhen School Literature collection/Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan collection/ Open Access to the Government Information/ Ancient rare books reading service area
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Bus Route:Children’s Hospital Bus Stop / West Bus Stop, Civic Center / Lianhua Mt. Bus Stop/ Civic Center Bus Stop
Metro:Exit D at Children's Palace / Exit C at Civic Center / Exit 31 at Futian Station / Exit B at West of Lianhua Mt

Service Guide

Shenzhen Library practices the policy of “complete opening, reading without library card, management by layer, and single card passing”. The uniform services of “City of Libraries” and the network of Self-Service Libraries provide various kinds of convenient services. Shenzhen Literature Port and its mobile service portal provide an online resources sharing platform
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Shenzhen Library holds a collection of 9,000,000 volumes of itmes, including 4,800,000 volumes of books and 6000 Chinese and foreign languages newspaper & periodical titles, 140,000 volumes of audio-visual items, and over 30 electronic databases purchased, providing Hongkong, Macau & Taiwan collection, fashion collection and Shenzhen Local Literature collection services
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