“A City of Library” is a visualized concept of constructing a borderless library network in Shenzhen; based on the constructed, constructing and to be constructed libraries and digital network, it consolidates all the library and information system, and build Shenzhen into a literature and information resources sharing network that covers the entire city and facilitates all the citizens, realizing the hybird library services that spread all over, interconnect, share recourses, offer comprehensive and convenient library services so as to provide rich information resource, support life-long education and enrich cultural life.


A Network of Libraries and Resources

Over the past decade, due to the construction of "A City of Library", public libraries in Shenzhen have made great achievements in the library scale,system structure and service benefit, thus gradually creating a library service network with advanced ideas, rich resources, advanced facilities, convenient services and interconnection function. By the end of 2016, Shenzhen has constructed 627 public libraries of various levels, including 3 city-level public libraries, 8 district-level public libraries, 616 street-level and grass-root libraries, and 240 Urban Neighborhood Self-Service Libraries, the total collection in all public libraries in Shenzhen is over 28,000,000 items. it basically formed a library network composed of city-level libraries as the leader, district-level libraries as the hard-core members, and street-level libraries,community-level libraries and 24-hour Urban Neighborhood Self-Service Libraries as the service branches, averaging one public library of county-level or above for every 150,000 persons, one grass-root library service branch for every 15,000 persons, and library materials per capita is over 2.3 items.