Urban Neighborhood: A Self-Service Library, an important part of Shenzhen's public cultural service system, is not only the significant project of the Five-year Planning of “City of Libraries” (2006-2010), but also a public welfare establishments which was initiated and financed by Shenzhen Municipal Government. The Self-Service Library has been located in residential areas, aiming to promote civilizations of Shenzhen. The citizens can enjoy the free, various “do-it-yourself” services through the nearest Self-Service Library, such as book borrowing and returning, application for a reader’s card, and reserve service, etc.
1. Self-service Borrowing
You can use any one of the Self-Service Library to borrow items with valid reader's cards of Shenzhen Library.
2. Self-service Returning
Any items borrowed from Shenzhen Library or the Self-Service Library can be returned at any one of the Self-Service Libraries
3. Application for a Reader's Card
You can apply for a reader's card with a second-generation ID card at the Self-Service Library. Deposits will be refunded upon cancellation of reader’s card but such refund can only be handled in the General Information Desk on 2/F of Shenzhen Library.
4. Reserve Service  
You can make reservations for books via the Self-Service Library or the Library website, and then the Library will deliver the items to the Self-Service Library which you chose within 2 days and you will be notified by short-message service. Once you get the message you should borrow the items using your library card within 2 days. However, your reservations will be expired if it remains unfulfilled within 2 days, the reserved items will be offered to any other reader.
5. Renewal
You can renew books at the Self-Service Library prior to the due date
6. Enquiries
Inquiry service is available on the Self-Service Library. You can visit the Library Website (http://www..szlib.org.cn) and check the library holding information, make reservations for books in Chinese.
7. Pre-paid Fees and Charges
You can top up your library card, then pay fines for overdue items through the Self-Service Library, and do transactions for self-photocopying and self-printing service in Shenzhen Library.
The Self-Service Library is a completely new service system. It is our hope that Self-Service Library will help facilitate and enrich the cultural life of Shenzhen citizens. It is our hope that Self-Service Library will meet the information and cultural needs of society. It is our hope that Self-Service Library will play an important role in modern life. And those need your increasing care, concerning and supporting. Meanwhile, it is our hope that Self-Service Library will remain available for you forever.
8. Opening Hours
The Self-Service Library at the hall of the Shenzhen Citizens' Center, Section B: 9:00-19:00
The Self-Service Library at the north gate of Shenzhen Library: 8:00-24:00
Others: 10:00-22:00
9. Contact Us
Telephone: 82841217        Email: zizhu@szlib.org.cn