Digital Learning Commons, equipped with 72 computers for readers on 4/F, is a multimedia learning and sharing space providing individual and group readers with free digital resources consulting, audio-visual education, information literacy training and the like. Readers can use the computer for free with their Library cards and retrieve online 33 categories of 74 databases including electronic books, periodicals, newspapers, dissertations, conference papers, audio-video materials and digital resources of National Digital Library Promoting Project, and print relevant information by self-help. In addition, readers are allowed to retrieve 22 kinds of self-built database, which contains intangible cultural heritage, city landscape sculpture, online audio-reading for the blind, Shenzhen Literature Library and so on. Also, readers can watch multimedia courseware on information skills training; participate in activities sponsored by library, such as, database training, computer training, information literacy lectures and so on.
Readers over 14 years old with Library cards can apply for a computer account for free on 4/F. By entering the password, readers can log in the computer. Please notice that the computer account must be renewed every 120 minutes.